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"We need to take a step back and think about what can we remove to be better, more efficient in what we are doing. The goal of technology shouldn't be to add more; rather, it should be to remove obstacles to make you more EFFICIENT."

About Sparta.

Sparta Science is a leader in the industry of sports performance. Sparta has revolutionized the way that athletes assess their movement patterns in order to
optimize physical performance, predict and reduce risk of injury and maximize their strength training. Through the power of machine learning using ground force
plates, athletes can now individualize their training programs in order to maximize the efficiency in the way their bodies move and perform to excel at their respective sport.


Each Sparta Scan gives athletes their personal “movement signature” that shows them their strengths and weaknesses. Through that scan we are able to assign an individualized training program specific to the athlete’s needs to strengthen their performance and reduce the risk of future injury.


Sparta is trusted and used by teams in the NCAA, MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA as well as the US Military.

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